When I get to the PayPal screen to pay it says the company is “Bcause Media LLC”.  What’s up with that?

Yup, that’s us!  SMO Books is a unit of Bcause Media. PayPal only allows us to have one business account, so there you go.  You’ll see “PAYPAL *BCAUSEMEDIA” on your credit card statement.

My Paypal receipt shows a “Shipping & Handling” charge, and no sales tax. What gives?

Not to worry. Paypal is just telling you there has been a charge for shipping, and some other charge it doesn’t quite recognize. The state of Washington calls it “sales tax”. Potato, potawto.

(Paypal & our shopping cart are currently spending some quality time with our web developer. He’ll straighten them out shortly.)

I’m having a little of trouble placing an order, and I can’t live another day without an SMO Book! Help!

We understand, and sorry for any trouble. Please contact us here, or email us at orders@smobooks.com and let us know how we can reach you (phone or email).  Most of the time it’s an issue with PayPal.  Try clearing your cache and cookies.  If that doesn’t work, send us a message and we’ll get you taken care of.

Do you ship to Canada or anywhere else outside the United States?

We can ship to Canada.  We use the USPS shipping calculator which doesn’t appear to be calculating international shipping correctly at the moment.  If you are outside the US let us know what you’d like via email at orders@smobooks.com .

What if I want to return my SMO Book?

We certainly hope this doesn’t happen, but in the unlikely event you absolutely cannot spend one more minute in the same room as your shiny new SMO Book, we will happily refund your money. Just drop us a note within 14 days of your purchase, and we’ll happily take back the book, and return your hard earned greenback. No questions asked. We’re cool like that.

I would like to buy a boatload (or other large vessel) full of SMO Books, or customize one of them for my agency or organization.

So you want S’MO than just a few?  We do offer bulk packs here in our online store.  If you want something custom, like a branded band for example, just contact the order desk at orders@smobooks.com and they’ll get you fixed up.

I have a burning suggestion or bright idea to make my SMO Books experience better.

We’re all ears. Well, not really, we’re all human, but, you get the idea. Get in touch here.